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Why Shamrocks Box Lacrosse?

The mission of Shamrocks Lacrosse is to teach high-level, authentic box lacrosse in Illinois. Shamrocks aims not only to have the most qualified coaches in the state teach box lacrosse in its most genuine form but to also be at the forefront of the development of Illinois’ box lacrosse community

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Authentic Box Lacrosse

For far too long, box lacrosse in the midwest has been taught as miniature field lacrosse. Used as the “winter alternative” to field.  As anyone who has invested in box lacrosse knows, it is its own sport and needs to be taught as such in order to have success. Shamrocks lacrosse uses the same methods, drills and strategies that the most successful box programs in the sport have used. Shamrocks Lacrosse is authentic box lacrosse.


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For any questions about upcoming training events or if you'd like to learn more about Box Lacrosse or Shamrocks Box Lacrosse, feel free to email us at


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Shamrocks Box Lacrosse is one of the only active programs in the state of Illinois to be fully sanctioned by USBOXLA; The long-standing governing body of the sport. This allows us to help ensure we are teaching authentic box lacrosse to all of our players, and grants us access to some of the top events and competitions in the country.


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